Cartoon Pathway

Strategy 1: Get Students on to a pathway to College and Career

Current Initiatives:

Samper 4th Grade Experience

busIn the Spring of 2012, nearly 3000 4th grade students from across Santa Cruz County visited Cabrillo College where they got a first-hand look at a day on campus. From mini-lectures to interactive presentations, students, some for the first time, began to get excited about attending college. Former Capitola resident Barbara Samper donated $1 million dollars that will provide first year scholarships to students attending Cabrillo College as part of the Santa Cruz County College Commitment. Part of this generous donation went to fund the Samper 4th Grade Experience. Students, staff and parents were treated to a half day of activities focused on providing them with the exposure to the college environment.  Barbara Samper’s gift will provide momentum for the S4C initiative and will reduce the financial burden of first year students.

College and Career Night

S4C will participate in all College and Career Nights throughout the year. Students can learn about S4Cs support and get the help they need to be successful. Learn more…… Students will find S4C as a “business fair” style exhibit where they will learn about the many areas of support that S4C provides including: first year student scholarships, collaborative efforts, mentoring, career exploration and job shadowing. Parents can also speak with an S4C representative about the support that is available to them.

S4C Website

The S4C website is not only a place to find out about S4C but is also meant to be a dynamic intuitive planning tool where students create accounts, post work, track their own data and utilize resources that will keep them engaged and on the path to success! Click here for more information on how to use this site.