4th-Grade Experience

Hosted By: 
Cabrillo College
4th Grade Students/ Teachers/ Cabrillo Faculty and Staff
Annually in Spring

The 4th Grade Experience is designed to inspire the elementary school students of Santa Cruz County with enthusiasm to attend college.  


This event involves all 4th grade students in public schools across Santa Cruz County.  About 4,000 students visit Cabrillo College's campus, touring the classrooms, attending special classes taught by Cabrillo College faculty, and visiting special locations.  The event begins in the football stadium with a welcoming speech and then smaller groups of 20-40 are led on a tour of the Cabrillo campus.  Student's also attend micro classes taught by Cabrillo faculty rendered especially for the visiting youth with hands on learning and involvement.  They are toured through major facilities including the library, lecture halls, science labs, cafeteria, the arts complex, inside the crocker theater and more.   They get a taste of what it's like to be a college student.  

There have been studies that show if you get a student to step onto a college campus by 6th grade they are more likely to attend and complete college.  This event was created to further the spirit of a college going culture. 

March 3, 2017 Cabrillo College 4th Grade News Articles 

Santa Cruz Sentinel



Over 4,000 students and teachers from across Santa Cruz County experienced a day in the life of a college student

Student's are excited about going to college and see it as a real possibility

Post event survey's indicate students are more confident in their future as a college student

Enthusiasm from parents and teachers for future 4th graders to attend the event

Increased interest from the surrounding community to assist in supporting future events