College Search

College Search

Choosing a college will be one of the toughest choices you’ll make. Some important factors to take into consideration while on your journey, will be: location, environment, size, admission requirements, academics, college expenses, financial aid, housing, and facilities. 

How do I even begin searching for a college that's best for me? Watch this video for tips.

Ask yourself these important questions to start.

  • Is location important?
  • Cost of tuition?
  • Am I interested in a major that is very specific?  
  • Do I want to play sports, participate in clubs and extra curricular activities?  
  • What kind of weather do I want to enjoy?  

Answering these questions should get you focused on more likely candidates for your college experience.

Now your ready for the next step.

Visit, CaCareerzone, start with the Explore section, go to, Find a College in Your Area.   Explore colleges and get better acquainted with your options and goals.  Plan to start by calling the top colleges in your list.  Talk to student embassadors, program representatives, and admissions counselors to find out all the details that will make a difference to you.  Like, how is the student culture?  What is the general vibe of the program and what kind of support is available for new students?  Then if a college has made it past your criteria, schedule a visit.  Try to have a student ambassador take you and your family for a tour.  You will get insider tips on all kinds of imortant aspects of the college.  

Your Future Is Our Business (YFIOB), is a great way to gain insight into a career area.  Through meaningful work-based learning opportunities like internships and job shadowing, students gain practical experience within a career path of their choice.  Visit, Your Future Is Our Business, for more information.