Sun Poem

From the Eyes of 4th Graders

The following poems were written by 4th grade students who attended our 2013 event. 

The Sun
by Michael V.

The sun is bright
like fire.
The sun is round
like a soccer ball.
The sun reflects
on my window.
The next morning
sun is warm like
when I'm sleeping.
The sun goes down
like my little brother
when he needs a nap.

The Unicorn
by Layla R.

The unicorns are beautiful
like a flower blooming
on the clouds singing
and dancing

Being shy with children and having
fun learning
sliding down the
rainbow like a car

On a planet having fun and singing
being nice and
unique going to bed and sleeping

The Flower
by Stefani N.

The flowers are like children
growing up.  Day by day the
flowers keep bloming.

The flowers is like a
suprise just happening
when they bloom.

The next morning.  They'll
bloom more and they'll
be pretty like a suprise.

Finally, they'll become
all grown up.  They grow
up to become a rose,
a daisy, or even a tulip.